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Your Pilot Logbook Suite

Pilot Pro is available on the web, iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. It stays in sync via the cloud so you can use it anywhere.

Pilot Pro for iOS is available in the App Store and is a universal app. This means you buy it once, and it works on all your Apple devices.

Our web app is available free and works on both Mac and Windows in Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer 9.

Pilot Pro works in all modern web browsers.

A Rich Logbook Experience

View an extensive summary of your flight time and analyze your time with an interactive graph. You can also monitor your currency.

Currency Example

Looking through your logbook is now easier than ever. Use the powerful search filter to find flights by airport, timeframe, aircraft, or remarks.

Cloud Sync & Backups

The web app, iPad app, and iPhone app can all be linked to Dropbox to stay in sync over the air.

Dropbox also keeps ongoing backups of your logbook data. You can also use the Dropbox desktop client to keep a copy of your logbook on your computer. We want your logbook to be safe. Dropbox helps us do that.

Fast Flight Logging

You can log all the data you care about, without making your logbook complex or difficult to manage. You can log most flights in 30 seconds—unless you type like your grandma.

  • Departure
  • Destination
  • Multi-leg routes
  • Flight Duration
  • Date
  • Distance Flown
  • Day & Night Landings
  • Remarks
  • Aircraft Registration
  • Aircraft Make & Model
  • Aircraft Category & Class
  • Approaches
  • Simulator
  • PIC
  • SIC
  • Cross Country
  • Night
  • Solo
  • Instrument
  • Simulated Instrument
  • Dual Given
  • Dual Received
  • High Performance
  • Turbine
  • Complex
  • Tailwheel

Logbook Import

If you are already using another digital logbook, we have a way to migrate. Our web app has an import tool that can convert a CSV or TXT export from Logbook Pro, Vortex Log, LogTen Pro, & Copilot.

If we don't yet support the digital logbook you use, please let us know and we'll work on adding it. We can add new logbooks to our import engine in a matter of days.

We want to make your transition to Pilot Pro as easy and simple as possible.

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Updates & Help

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If you have any issues, please visit our help section to read our FAQs, submit a bug, or request help.

FAQs & Help Requests

To view a change log for prior versions of Pilot Pro, and to see what we have in the works, check out our Progress page.

Pilot Pro Progress

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About Us

Pilot Pro consists of a small team of pilots in Utah who love everything about aviation. We love to fly, and are continually trying to learn more about aviation.

We built Pilot Pro because we wanted a powerful and elegant logbook solution. We hope you like it as much as we do, and that you will work with us to make it better.

Design and development services were provided by Labrum Design Co.

Thanks to Axenty Aviation for their technical advice and marketing efforts.