Pilot Pro Help

Please see the Logbook Import page to learn about adding logbook entries with our CSV template and the Pricing & Refunds page if you have questions about sales.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I import another logbook into Pilot Pro?
There is no automatic way to do this, but you can transfer a CSV export from your old logbook into our CSV import template. We wrote up some instructions here.
Can I add my own fields to my logbook?
Yes! We have a custom fields feature that allows you to track anything you like.
Can I still use version 3 without upgrading?
Yes. We will continue to do maintenance fixes on version 3, but our primary focus going forward is on version 4.
Does version 4 have a web app?
No, sorry. It's a Mac app and an iOS app for now. That's why we're keeping version 3 around for users that don't have a Mac.
How do I migrate from version 3 to 4?

Go to Tools > Logbook Data and use the option to import a version 3 logbook file. You will then need to browse for the Logbook.pilotpro file you have on Dropbox (or move it over to iCloud Drive).

We recommend downloading it to your device in the Files app first, and then importing it in Pilot Pro.

There is a known issue with the Files app where it will get stuck "Downloading..." the file. Apple is supposed to be fixing this soon, but restarting the device has fixed it for some users. We apologize for the trouble.
Does version 3 sync with version 4?
No, it does not. It works as a totally separate app. You can import your version 3 logbook into version 4, however.
Does Pilot Pro sync across iOS and Mac devices?

Yes. You will need to be signed in to iCloud (with the same account) on your iPhone(s), iPad(s), and Mac and have iCloud Drive enabled in order for it to work.

If you first tried the app without iCloud on, and have since enabled it, turn sync off and then back on again in Settings in Pilot Pro to start it up.

Sync is automatic but it doesn't always happen instantly. Changes may take a minute or so to appear on other devices.

Can I use my Pilot Pro logbook to apply for an airline job or take a checkride?
Most pilots have success using their iPad or printing a PDF export of their logbook and taking it to flight reviews and airline interviews. But as of today, the FAA doesn't yet recognize a digital logbook as official. You can read this article for more information.
Is there an Android version?
Unfortunately not. We haven't ruled it out yet, but we're not currently working on an Android version. We figure most pilots at least have an iPad, and we enjoy building for Apple platforms.
Do I need to be connected to the Internet to use Pilot Pro?
No. You can use the app as much as you like and sync it the next time you are connected.
If I delete the app from my iOS device and don't sync, will my logbook data be destroyed?
Yes. Please (please!) sync with iCloud to back up your data, or at least export a backup occasionally.