Version 4 License FAQs

I bought version 3. Is version 4 a free upgrade?

No, version 4 is a separate purchase. This has been the case since version 4 launched in 2018 and has never changed.

Why was I able to use version 4 without paying for it?

There was a glitch in version 4 that allowed some users to unlock it without paying. We have now fixed that.

If I previously purchased version 4, how do I unlock unlimited entries?

Go to Settings → Purchase License → Restore Purchase. Pilot Pro will check the App Store for your purchase. If it says it can't find your receipt/purchase, then you don't have a version 4 license.

You can confirm this by going into your App Store purchase history and searching for Pilot Pro version 4. Additionally, you can search your email for an App Store receipt.

Does buying a license allow me to use both the Mac and iOS apps?

No. The iOS (iPhone/iPad) app and the Mac app are separate purchases.

Is my purchase a recurring subscription?

No. Pilot Pro is a one-time purchase for the iPhone/iPad app. The Mac app is a separate one-time purchase.