Logbook Import

Step 1: Select Template

Pilot Pro 4 CSV Template

We have a template that you can edit in Microsoft Excel or Apple Numbers to add lots of flight time or bring over logbook data from another CSV source, like an export from another logbook app.

You can learn all about this process over in our help section.

Please take a look at the CSV Import Guide to help you avoid common CSV template mistakes.

SkedPlus CSV Template

If your employer uses SkedPlus for creating your flight schedule, you can export a CSV file from it and use it to automatically create your upcoming flights in Pilot Pro.

Download SkedPlus Sample

RosterBuster Import

If your employer uses RosterBuster to manage your flight schedule, you can connect with their system here to pull in your upcoming flights to Pilot Pro.

Step 2: Attach File

StandbyUploading CSV File...