Pilot Pro LogbookAvailable for iPad, iPhone, and Now on the Mac

Packed with FeaturesA Few Examples of what Pilot Pro Can Do

  • Flight Totals

    See your total flight time history, time by aircraft category, and time types you pick (e.g. PIC, cross country, etc.).

  • Search, Filter, & Export

    Search, sort, and filter your logbook by various criteria and then export those entries to PDF or CSV.

  • Airport Directory

    Search airports worldwide to add as the departure and destination of your logbook entries.

  • Custom Currency

    Create the usual landing and approach currency rules, or set up your own—it's fully customizable.

  • Signatures

    Add a signature to a logbook entry or an Achievement to allow an instructor or examiner to authorize your flight logs.

  • Custom Fields

    Create logbook or aircraft fields to track any flight time or information you want. It’s entirely up to you.

  • Free, Automatic Sync

    Keep your iPhone, iPad, and Mac all synced together automatically without lifting a finger.

  • Goals

    Pick a flight time category and the number of hours you want to reach to create a goal you can track.

  • Reminders

    Create reminders and get push notifications of important events like medical exams and flight reviews.

  • Achievements

    Make a list of everything you have accomplished as a pilot, such as certifications, type ratings, etc.

Free to TryDownload the App and Take It for a Spin

You have as long as you want to try it but have a limit of 5 logbook entries. You can unlock unlimited entries with an in-app purchase.