A glimpse at what Pilot Pro can do.

  • Customizable Dashboard with all your flight totals
  • Add photos of your flights and aircraft
  • Both dark and light modes available for the user interface
  • Create reminders to keep track of medical exams, flight reviews, currency, etc.
  • Search and filter your logbook, aircraft, and dashboard totals
  • Worldwide airport directory of 70,000+ airports
  • Automatically sync all your devices
  • Track your endorsements, certifications, and ratings using achievements
  • Set flight time goals to stay focused on building your career
  • Create custom currencies, like landings and approaches
  • Export/print your logbook to a PDF or as CSV for check-rides and backups
  • Sign each logbook entry with a digital signature
  • Custom logbook and aircraft fields
  • View approach logs and generate an FAA 8710 report
  • Import your logbook using our CSV/Excel template


Not a subscription. Try it for free.

iPhone + iPad








Let's Do This

Download it for free and try it out.

You can use the free trial for as long as you like, but you will have a limit of 10 logbook entries until you buy a license (available as an in-app purchase).

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